Y’know, that’s some pretty cool stuff. You do that yourself?

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(( I just realized that Laguna is holding his hand out in that gifset to give Onion Knight a little fist bump. THAT'S SO CUTE. ))

it’s a high five actually !! i wish i could have kept all the frames in that gif so it could be a bit clearer but same difference honestly——
anyway i love that part as well because aside from the sheer conceptual cuteness factor laguna just ??? acts so surprised when onion knight actually takes him up on the offer like hE ISN’T EXPECTING LUNETH TO HIGH FIVE HIM BECAUSE THE KID’S SPENT LIKE ALL OF HIS TIME ON TEAM COSMOS ACTING OVERLY MATURE FOR HIS AGE AND NOPE HE JUST SKIPS ON INTO THAT HIGH FIVE AND SPINS AROUND LIKE YEAH I GOT IT

cosmos’s roster more like cosmos’s daycare what babies

laguna loire, background hunk



          ” was it… this way? … uh oh. “

     No offense, but — you look like you could use some help.



      ❝ No way!! You’re back??

      There’s that child-like excitement again, but
      can you blame him? He’s missed this guy!!

      ❝ What kind of trouble did you get into this time? ❞

     Hey, hey, can’t be that hard t’believe, can it? Gotta make an
     appearance sometime.

      Zack’s  surprise is endearing. Laguna grins back sheepishly and
      wonders why  everyone  has  to assume trouble doesn’t come to
      him instead of  the  other  way  around,  waves  his  hand  about

      ❝Please, it’s only trouble if you can’t handle it.


Another genius?

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Who even knew she had kin?

    bad things happen.
           bad things have happened,
                   but you can still live.
                              ———you can still live.

                                                                                   you made a promise.

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                                                i bet your mother would be
proud      of         you.

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The Man with the Machine Gun【FINAL FANTASY VIII】 by Nobuo Uematsu


This arrangement makes me feel things.

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     straight to the presidential thighs