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Who even knew she had kin?

    bad things happen.
           bad things have happened,
                   but you can still live.
                              ———you can still live.

                                                                                   you made a promise.

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                                                i bet your mother would be
proud      of         you.

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The Man with the Machine Gun【FINAL FANTASY VIII】 by Nobuo Uematsu


This arrangement makes me feel things.

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     straight to the presidential thighs


Linda Pastan, “The Five Stages of Grief”

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Dear past me,

     There’s a lot of blood on your hands, but none of it is hers.

     It isn’t your fault.

     Stop thinking it is.

     Look, you can’t change the past, but you can control how you let it affect you in the present. The first years are hard, I get it, and you do a good job of soldiering on for someone who thinks of himself as a lover not a fighter, but you go about it the wrong way. Not an unusual tale between us, but as with everything, it takes its toll. You’re left disappointed, and let’s be real: you should be. You took so many steps back — it’s no wonder you got lost.

     Hiding the city and yourself and your feelings away? Huge mistake. It comes to nip you in the can. She kept you honest and coaxed you out of the shadow of your ego to meet reality, and you forgot everything once things got hard. Fell into your old ways. I know it sounds like I’m being harsh, but remember how she was? Tough love worked on you, big guy. Don’t tell me you don’t miss it.

     You will always miss it. ) 

     You feel guilty for all the wrong reasons, and when do you ask for help, you’re not asking the right questions. Kiros and Ward are your best buds — you’d do the same for them if they needed your guidance, so why is it different when you’re the one struggling? They know what happened. They’re receptive. They care. Why do you insist on doing it the way you’d always done when she taught you better?

     You know, I feel like I’m talking to a kid, but how many times have you given this sort of pep talk to anyone and everyone who needed it, and how many more will you give from then on? Straightening it out now — well.

     At least we’re acknowledging the hypocrisy.

           ——Laguna Loire.

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Dear ex-girlfriend,

     You know I try not to dwell on the past too much, but whenever my mind turns to thoughts of you and me back then, I can’t help wondering what we were to each other.

     Maybe friends is the best way to put it without sounding distant. It’s probably the most fitting, taking into account those feelings we shared, unspoken or not. I used to think it was just me, head over heels in puppy love and too focused on me to realize how one-sided it might’ve been. But I read some of your old interviews. Not when they came out, of course. Not even in the decades they were released. But I’ve read them.

     I’m sorry you waited for me, and that you mourned me. It was never my intention to leave you behind, but sure as bones can break, so do plans. So do promises. I wanted to return home and hear you play again — even if things couldn’t be like how they were before I was redeployed, I wanted that. But things just didn’t work out the way we thought they would, and I can only hope you didn’t think ours was time wasted.

     I wish I could say everything worked out for the best, but the fact I can’t tell you face-to-face all these things I’ve held onto for so long makes me question that conclusion. But then I remember who you brought into the world and how special she and whose lives she’s touched, and I can forget my doubt for a while. Your little girl reminds me a lot of you — ambitious, smart, compassionate. I’m sure your husband is proud of her, and I think it’s safe to say you would be too.

     Your biggest fan always,
           ——Laguna Loire.

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"Hey, long time no see! The heck have YOU been, anyway?"


     C'mon, a guy’s gotta have some secrets, am I right?❞ The details are boring down the letter, but a bit of mystery can rectify anything if played right, and Laguna goes into it just short of heavy-handed. All that matters is that I’m back and better’n ever. So, I’d watch that tail if I were you.